THE Wedding bells……………..

Like every other girl I have too always dreamt of a perfect life partner, a perfect wedding and a perfect Relationship where the wedding could bond us beyond eternity. Being lucky to have my wedding in the Indian culture where it said  you are sure to live your wedding for next 7 lives with the same amazing man u have now.


It was my day the fragrance of the fresh marigold, lily and roses together was so amazing but yet different but  was exactly the same conglomeration going deep inside my body.I felt happy,sad , excited, nervous and ahh..those butterflies in my stomach. The aura of the wedding was amazing and so loud with the hustles and bustles, amazing food, Indian sweets, decorations, loud fascinating music, the mesmerizing culture, unknown guests,and the colorful ethnic dresses.

On this day where  theses dominating factors could easily impress me but the heart inside ,,,,,,I had never felt that day before.My ears did not miss a single  palpitation of my heart.Although the day was mine and spark in eyes of all my loved ones made that day unforgettable for us.


HALDI CEREMONY………..this ceremony where the bride and groom are purified by Kurkuma paste for the grand ceremony.

Wearing yellow was never so cold for me specially when i could see that with a tiny droplet of tear which just fell on my hand, after trying hard to hold it.I could see the pain of  letting the daughter go  …on my parents face and would feel the same inside me. This is the worst  part of the Indian culture irrespective of the consequences, which I  really don’t understand.We are three siblings and my brother was in boarding since very childhood.So we were two sisters left with our parents. I was so talkative, naughty, wont sit for a while, share every small thing with my parents, and their true unbounded believe in me and my decisions, today  definitely has  made me  more stronger and an independent person I could ever be. I am an Angel to my both lovely parents.


Mehndi Ceremony…..Ohh…..I was little upset with my dad.

He just missed some parts of my ceremony as he had some other arrangements to do.Or it could be, he wanted to control his emotions and not face me.

Next day same time I would be married that feeling was beyond explanation. Logicallly I should be excited but I was freezing cold and feeling so scared.I have known my boyfriend from  last 3  years but i still have no reason for that feeling.

Next Morning was so loud…songs, cousins dancing, with a wink of smile on my face, I would see my mom which would fill tear in my eyes.I did not wanted to do it, I know it sounds funny but- I asked my mom “ Can we do something about this marriage??, Can we cancel it?, please mom lets do it”And she hugged me very tightly and said” IT’S   LATE.!!”


Now it was time for me to get dressed up for my Engagement and then later for the Wedding Evening.When i dressed up for my Engagement and walked into the venue, got lot of compliments that we both compliment each other, as it was the first time when most of the people were seeing us together.

We exchanged our rings and the one offered  to me from the Groom’s side was little loose for me. and with the extra kilos of  my dress made difficult for me to keep an eye on my ring before it falls.Later when i reached home to get dressed up now for my wedding, guess what??

WHERE WAS MY RING??? I had almost a panic attack.

So many phone calls from my dresser informing me that I could be late, and I had nothing but to try. All my cousins staring looking at each and every where possible and saving my day. What a crisis, In next few hours is my wedding and I lost my wedding ring…………………………

Luckily my aunt found a ring in the bath and she ignorantly asked  me..”is dis d one??“That was a sigh of relief, that’s true -marriages make you dump..hehehe…

I was ready..the countdown begin… it felt like everybody was talking about me,we had an amazing wedding, the religiously we wanted it to be.It took place whole night till the next morning.Now it was time for me to leave my parents and go in a different family.This time my father could not hold it anymore, first time in my life –

wed frames1

” I saw my DAD- my Radioactive a low battery status.”

I don’t care whoever says Girls don’t belong to the family they are born in.Definitely culture is an important part of our lives.But over pouring that on your beliefs and learning, is not factual.Every Girl dreams her husband to be like her Father so is not worth possible to forget your roots. Since it has been two years now, and i Love them more then I used to do before.Love, sharing and understanding has gradually increased. Now I am in a different phase of life where I can understand  there circumstance from a closer side.How beautiful this life is with your loved ones, specially when their unbounded love makes you feels very strong, independent and most important they trust you.

I love you ma and dad !!!!

You are my super hero..and I am and will always be your Angel !!

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