This is my very first writing experience as a blogger.I am MISHI..and will let you know more about me……….but slowly and gradually brew your coffee and join me for an imaginary walk.  I had always the passion to write because my mind always had something  imaginative cooking up.I have finished so many diaries scribbling sometimes in tears..where the ink pen betrayed my tears and some words are almost not there.And some of the happy moments where I could not resist but scribbled so many smileys adding on to my emotion.This time my color sketch pens were my lifeguards..and added wings to my emotions. This is such a good feeling , I hope i could explain….talking about all I have had for so many years and of course many more to come.  I will share with you all my feelings ………….learning day wise , my life, and a lot more.Its more of like a bathroom singer singing in the bad.  I hope I don’t get scared and we go really long.  Take care Folks!!

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I am an vlogger and blogger, a writing enthusiast and happy to share with my life with you. My you tube vlogs .... Just get goin if you find a friend in me.. Love u guys.

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