How to prepare to get PREGNANT Naturally??
Follow the steps below and you will be probably on the quickest and the easiest way to get pregnant without any problem.

pillsBirth control pills initiate both endometriosis and uterine fibroids, which in a common language is the growth of uterine tissue takes place outside the uterus. This causes harm to your Fallopian tubes and internal diagram of your reproductive system and thus making pregnancy difficult or delayed and in some cases impossible too.
If you are using Birth control, then it is the time to stop it and wait for a few cycles. As the body takes a while to start ovulating naturally and helping you get pregnant. Once you are off your birth control pills, two months are good to have sex in normal cases.

….. Additionally avoid intake of:
– Smoking (Cigarettes)
– Drugs
– Coffee (Caffeine content)
– Red Meat/ Raw Meat
– Any specific medications (consult your Doctor)

2. Lifestyle

The first and the very important step to get pregnant is to stay healthy. Your body has a very big role to play in your Pregnancy so start taking good care of it.You has to regulate your Body weight and Body Mass index where one should neither be under weight nor overweight.





Check your body Mass index here

Exercise daily for your healthy body. It helps to re-oxygenate the blood in your body and remove all toxins, burn fat, reduce stress and increase the level of oxygen in your body. Overall it helps in better functioning of your body.
Body Massage, Aerobic Exercises, Yoga are some other exercising techniques which provides another aspect of increasing movement and flexibility in your body and increasing circulation to uterus, ovaries and eggs, hence your chances of getting pregnant has already begin.


Knowing your own body and the reproductive cycle is one of the biggest assets in getting Pregnant. Although you can find many ovulations detector kits but to predict it naturally is the best way to know yourself.



There are following ways to monitor your ovulation day:

  1. Calender Method is normally used for people having a regular cycle of 28-32 days. To calculate it start counting your cycle from the last day of your last period and count to 8 th day, now the slot of 8-16 days is your ovulation.
  2. Cervical Mucus is the other method to monitor your ovulation. Once your ovulation period is close your mucous will be more slippery, wetter and appearance will be more like egg white. This is often called Egg white discharge which is highest on the ovulation day.
  3. Temperature is another method to track your ovulation. After ovulation the basal body temperature tends to increase.


woman-506120_640The timing and the sex positions during the intercourse are the two very key factors of making you Pregnant. After regulating your Ovulation Period you are aware that the Ovulation slot is open for 8-10 days in a reproductive cycle. So try having sex regularly in this 8- 10 days duration for a fertilization to take place. Normally a sperm can survive for 2-3 days waiting for the egg and the egg can survive for 5-6 days. So regular sex will insure semen waiting inside for the egg to be released and a healthy fertilization to take place.
….Things not to forget:
– Don’t take a shower after intercourse.
– Don’t use Condoms.
– Check out some cool positions for sex.(Dog position is the best)
– Prefer intercourse before you sleep

background-1239436_640This is directly related to Nutrition which is further associated with Conception and Healthy pregnancy. Along with Exercise it is very important to eat balanced diet which is to be recommended with sufficient nutrients and Vitamins. This is a long term preparations which has to be started much before pregnancy.




Important List to be included in Diet for getting Pregnant.
– Water.
– Carbohydrates ( Fibre containing food like Whole grains, Vegetables and Fruits)
– Protein ( beans, pulses)
– Fatty acids (Fish, Nuts , Seeds)
– Whole milk (Cheese, Jogurt, Tofu)
– Folic Acid (400 to 800 mcg/per day)
– Vitamin C ( Oranges, Blueberries, Strawberries)
– Vitamin B6 (Eggs, banana, Soy)


Foods Often recommended to help increase Fertility:.
• Avocados
• Olives and olive oil
• Coconut and coconut oil.
• Fresh, unroasted nuts and seeds (about a handful per day)
• Wild caught fish
• Organic eggs

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